A Horse to Water…

Horse to Water

An old boss said this once several years and it really stuck with me. How could it not? It’s simple yet conveys a distinct message.

I drew this after a wonderful meeting with my favorite asshat. As her face was turning a lovely shade of puce, she accused me (among many other things) of never giving her a document I had written for her to review and approve. I told that she received a hard copy of the document at another meeting the month before. “Well, look at the pile I carry around,” pointing to a large pile papers she has with her at all times. “You can’t expect me to find it in this mess.”

My fault, I know. So, I told her the document was emailed to her prior to the aforementioned meeting. She all but called me a liar and said she would have to dig through her numerous emails, if it actually is there. She sure did not remember seeing it. If she did not get the email, then my fault and I will send to her. Which I did – forwarded the original (with her name first in the “To” line) and I made sure I copied her bosses on that, as well. Which led me to recall the line above.

Ahhh, good time, good times.

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