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Sasquatch is in Ohio…

Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine, had the cartoon world’s equivalent of a Yeti encounter. What’s the highest level of cool?

The Third Eye…


Every so often, the Wall Street Journal will run articles about venture capitalists and angel investors running around Silicon Valley dumping money on what they hope to be the next [insert latest internet/tech flavor of the month, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.,] with visions of billion dollar payouts dancing in their brains.

It makes one wonder what it is being lost in opportunity or overlooked in something that really might work and pay off but just isn’t as sexy as the new social media phenom.

Maybe it’s not always the best thing to predict and band wagon the latest sexy fad. Try looking at what is working now. How can you position around that?

Booty Call…

Morning Booty Call

Of course coffee is not happy. You stay out all night. You don’t call. When you finally roll out of bed, you reek of cheap beer and are looking for attention.

Beer Is…

Sixpoint Brewery, out of Brooklyn, NY, is having a fun little contest on their Facebook page. It’s called “Beer is Culture” and they are inviting people to draw what that means to them and post it to their Sixpoint Art and Design Exhibition FB album. The winner will have their submission be Sixpoint’s FB profile picture for the next year. There is some really good stuff there. A lot of talented folks. Beer is culture? Brilliant! I just had to draw something.

No where near as good as the others but I had fun with it. Enjoy.

We’ll Always Have Coffee…

Coffee Zen

Originally uploaded by steve heath

The creative juices are a little dry right now – must the be the time of year. Very little rain. However, the coffee is still flowing so I thought it’d be nice to share a coffee-related favorite.

Hopefully, inspiration will make it’s way back with some new ideas.

Happy Summer.


I’ve been a little outside my comfort zone lately. I’ve been given the opportunity to do business development for my company. This means going out and meeting people. Kind of putting myself out there to sell my company which also means a high possibility for rejection, etc.

Even though it is causing not a little stress, I am really enjoying it. I love being part of building the business instead of sitting in my cube at the customer’s whim. This is much more along what I want to do.

So, being outside one’s comfort zone can be good, sometimes. Who knew?

I Hear Voices…


Two co-workers were giving advice the other day on how to deal with a situation. I compromised, I was aggressive but in a calm, gentle manner.

But What Is The Question?

Another in the ‘Bob’ series. These crack me up a little. I am a juvenile.

Bob is the Answer

A Horse to Water…

Horse to Water

An old boss said this once several years and it really stuck with me. How could it not? It’s simple yet conveys a distinct message.

I drew this after a wonderful meeting with my favorite asshat. As her face was turning a lovely shade of puce, she accused me (among many other things) of never giving her a document I had written for her to review and approve. I told that she received a hard copy of the document at another meeting the month before. “Well, look at the pile I carry around,” pointing to a large pile papers she has with her at all times. “You can’t expect me to find it in this mess.”

My fault, I know. So, I told her the document was emailed to her prior to the aforementioned meeting. She all but called me a liar and said she would have to dig through her numerous emails, if it actually is there. She sure did not remember seeing it. If she did not get the email, then my fault and I will send to her. Which I did – forwarded the original (with her name first in the “To” line) and I made sure I copied her bosses on that, as well. Which led me to recall the line above.

Ahhh, good time, good times.

Getting Closer…

A new scanner is on its way! This one is a little different – not a printer/scanner combo. It looks intriguing. Hopefully, it will work as advertised.

In the meantime…visit the Comfort Zone. Or, at least go outside of it.

comfort zone

I would rather hang out inside but often find myself outside looking in. Personal growth. Pffft!

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