Who’s This Guy?

This guy draws cartoons but works at a day job to pay the bills.

The facts: I grew up in small town in the western part of Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University. The Marines and Navy gave us the opportunity to sample the exotic tastes of Guam, Hawaii and Maryland and now we are back home in good old Michigan.

Jenny and I have been married since 1990 and we have two wonderful sons, Jake and Linc.  We lost Jake in 2001 to Leukemia and that plays heavily into who we are today and our outlook on life.

Linc is about to graduate high school and will attend our alma mater in the fall.

I started doodling faces in high school as a way to pass time during class. I actually went away from drawing for over twenty years and did not start again until 2008, when I discovered the blog, gapinvoid.com. The author draws cartoons on business cards. Some of his subject matter dealt with business and at the time, I was stuck in a dead-end job and really frustrated and so I started drawing and writing here as a way to vent and rant as I tried to find a better work life.

If you look through the first posts to today, you see that the blog has evolved and changed over time.  Its latest iteration is to serve as a platform to feed my addictions passions in life (in no particular order): coffee, running, and drawing.

My wife says it’s my inner child forcing itself out of my psyche after years of incarceration. Either way, it is something I have fun doing and hope others will enjoy, too.

Thanks for visiting.

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