I think I Have a Path…

I think I mentioned before that I have started work towards my MBA. I am doing an online program through Ellis College of the New York Institute of Technology. I chose this program for a few reasons. I liked the specializations they offer.

At first, the Strategy and Economics specialization attracted me but now I am gravitating towards Marketing. They also have a number of other specializations like Leadership, Accounting, Finance and Project Management. I also liked that they developed their courses in conjuction with some prestigous business schools – Columbia University, Stanford University, and The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. To me, this gives them a little more credibility than some of the other schools out there.

I also like the fact that Ellis is affiliated with an actual “brick and mortar” school. I read somewhere during my research that even though online degrees are becoming more accepted among corporations, a program through an established state school is looked on more favorably.

I am finishing up my last assignment for my first class, Managerial Marketing. The problem is giving a fictional construction equipment company a recommendation of whether to open a company dealership in a large market, Los Angeles, that does not have a franchise. There company franchises in San Diego, Phoenix and San Fransico that service the area. Reading the material, I can see arguments for both sides. Both a company dealership and a franchise will cause some conflicts with the other dealerships, mainly by taking away market share. The biggest argument I can see for not opening a company dealership is the high cost of entry, over $10 million. This would cut into profit goals that were set for a new product being set to be introduced. This is my strongest justification for not opening a company dealership and to keep trying to entice a new franchiser in the market.

I realize that this just a course exercise and rather simplistic, but this is why I am really enjoying this whole process. The marketing exercises we have done over the last six weeks have been fascinating, as has been our reading. As I read the material, I try to apply it to my current company. Who is our customer? How are we defining ourself, as a company? How is the company marketing itself to attract work that fits its strategic goals?

I think I have found a path

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