Speaking of Coffee…

Speaking of coffee, let’s talk about offerings in Westminster, MD. There really aren’t too many actual “coffee houses” in town. We have two Starbuck’s, one inside Safeway and a new store that just opened on MD140 in the Crossroad’s Square shopping center. We also have a relatively new Panera in the Westminster Crossing shopping center. It is probably the closest to a chain outlet to compete against Starbuck’s.
The only local coffee house is The Pour House Cafe on Main street. It is a “Seattle-style” coffee house. I like their lattes, though I think Starbuck’s is a little better, and I really like the fact that they are a local place. I like to give them business just for that fact alone. Their customer service is great and the whole atmosphere of the traditional coffee house adds to the experience.
The town could use a couple more coffee shops, in my opinion. I would like to see a Seattle’s Best open in town but they really haven’t open too many stores in Maryland. There is a rumor, though, that a Border’s may open up in the new shopping center planned, The Shops at Meadow Creek.
The two other Seattle’s Best stores in Maryland are located in Border’s Book Stores.
Dunkin Donuts regular coffee is pretty good but it is not my first, or even second and third, choice. It is relatively cheap and has a good flavor. I tried their latte once. They should stick to doughnuts and coffee.
I think there is also room in town for another local coffee shop, maybe at the other end of town closer to the college, in the Seattle style.

So, here is my list of best coffee in Westminster:

1. The Pour House
2. Starbuck’s
3. Panera
4. Dunkin Donuts

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