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I am the Decider…

I have decided to go with my heart, not my head, and specialize in Marketing. If you recall, a couple days ago I had the conundrum of what MBA specialization to choose. I kept turning it over in my head and was always drawn back to marketing. I find it really fascinating. I don’t know what I will do with it. It really isn’t pertinent to my job but what the hell. Maybe I can parlay it into a side gig of some sort.

Have you ever ignored logic and gone with your heart? Did it work?

When you come to the fork in the road…

I spoke with my MBA advisor recently. During the discussion about my next class and future classes he asked if I had decided on a specialization yet. I was hoping he would not ask since I haven’t picked one yet. I am torn between Project Managment, Finance, Leadership, and Strategy & Economics.

Project Management is on the list because that is what I do in real life. The pro is I have experience and it is a natural choice. However, I decided to get my MBA to broaden my horizons and I really do not want to pigeon-hole myself further into this field.

Marketing really interests me. My first MBA class was a marketing class and I really enjoyed it. There is a possibility that it would prove useful in my professional life if I start to become involved in business development for my company. It also fits in the “broaden my horizons” aspect of why I went back to school.

I find Finance interesting and it seems to be a specialization that would be useful in many areas. I struggled some in Managerial Corporate Finance but I also had some issues with the instructor.
The other two, Leadership and Strategy & Economics, interest me because of their subject matter but I don’t know how practical they would be in the real world.

My company doesn’t care what I take. Any future positions or promotions would not hinge on my specialization, or my MBA for that matter.

What do you think? How should I chose?

Where Things Stand…

Things are pretty much the same as they have been, the only that has changed is my scenery. I moved to yet another building but this time I have more eyes to watch me do nothing.

I was hopeful when I moved to my new desk. I was paired with a customer staff employee and we were placed in an organization charged with helping them manage their many projects. Several times I asked for a plan of attack, what’s our task, etc and was told each time that they were still figuring things out and to just sit tight. Still sitting, thanks.

I’ve been working on creating the Nine Circles of Career Hell. Jenny says I am in the first circle, Limbo (or Purgatory). She says this just because there is still hope on the corporate side. The new President has finally started and hopefully his plans of moving off contract and on to full-time corporate duties will come to fruition soon. I agree with her for now, just because there is help and I haven’t figured out the other Circles, yet.

Though it is very difficult some days, I try to keep a positive attitude, help when and where I can and try to keep busy and visible. I continue to work on my MBA, about a third of the way finished already! I need to decide on my specialization. I’ve narrowed it down to Finance, Strategy and Economics, Leadership or Project Management. I’ll take any and all advice.

So that is where things stand. Still in a holding pattern. If I can think of a good one and get it scanned in, I will add a face later in the day.

So, how is your day?

Baby Steps…

I didn’t want to be one of those who whine about their career but do nothing to change things. I knew I needed to take the initiative to give my career a push.

So, I began working towards my MBA. If I want to transistion to the business side of the company, I should learn about business.

The other thing I did was to speak to my boss, who happened to be a VP in the company. I told him I was going nuts just sitting at my desk surfing the web all day. I wanted more. I told him that I wanted to get into the business operations of the company. This was received very well. They all seemed excited that I wanted to help. That was in November. It took awhile but I finally have been asked to help on a proposal. It’s not much and I have done more in past jobs but I am not going to complain.

Baby steps…

I think I Have a Path…

I think I mentioned before that I have started work towards my MBA. I am doing an online program through Ellis College of the New York Institute of Technology. I chose this program for a few reasons. I liked the specializations they offer.

At first, the Strategy and Economics specialization attracted me but now I am gravitating towards Marketing. They also have a number of other specializations like Leadership, Accounting, Finance and Project Management. I also liked that they developed their courses in conjuction with some prestigous business schools – Columbia University, Stanford University, and The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. To me, this gives them a little more credibility than some of the other schools out there.

I also like the fact that Ellis is affiliated with an actual “brick and mortar” school. I read somewhere during my research that even though online degrees are becoming more accepted among corporations, a program through an established state school is looked on more favorably.

I am finishing up my last assignment for my first class, Managerial Marketing. The problem is giving a fictional construction equipment company a recommendation of whether to open a company dealership in a large market, Los Angeles, that does not have a franchise. There company franchises in San Diego, Phoenix and San Fransico that service the area. Reading the material, I can see arguments for both sides. Both a company dealership and a franchise will cause some conflicts with the other dealerships, mainly by taking away market share. The biggest argument I can see for not opening a company dealership is the high cost of entry, over $10 million. This would cut into profit goals that were set for a new product being set to be introduced. This is my strongest justification for not opening a company dealership and to keep trying to entice a new franchiser in the market.

I realize that this just a course exercise and rather simplistic, but this is why I am really enjoying this whole process. The marketing exercises we have done over the last six weeks have been fascinating, as has been our reading. As I read the material, I try to apply it to my current company. Who is our customer? How are we defining ourself, as a company? How is the company marketing itself to attract work that fits its strategic goals?

I think I have found a path

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