I spent last weekend in Butler, PA at the Conley Resort for a guys golf weekend. I was invited by a friend who I worked with twenty years ago (ouch) at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. He and about thirty other guys have been meeting the last seven years or so for this trip.

I had a blast! I got to see my friend, John, and turns out, there were other guys from our summer at the Point had been going every year, too.

John and I lost touch after I joined the Marines in 1993. Easy to do at the time really, specially when you are stationed on Guam and Hawaii and other exotic places in the world, like Pensacola, FL. Email wasn’t widely used at the time, so you lose touch.

John found me right before Christmas last year when a search on Google returned my LinkedIn profile. Long story short, he invites me along and now I have a friend back and made many more due to a social networking site. Cool.

I have reconnected with others from high school and college much in the same way. I do searches one or twice a week hoping a new, old friend shows up. It’s only a matter of time.

Have you found old friends this way? Have you tried?

Photo courtesy of an other John on the trip. It is me (on the left) and my friend, John, waiting to tee off on the first hole on the first day.

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