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The Blogging Dead…


Zombie is the new black. There are “Zombie Houses“, “Zombie Stocks“,  even “Zombie Computers” now. Zombies are everywhere and very in fashion. I have even heard blogs/webpages that still exist but long since inactive described as “Zombie blogs.” This isn’t one of those. I’m just busy with that thing that allows me to pay my bills, eat. That thing.

It’s not dead, Jim. Just off doing “responsible” things. More to come.

The Artist, the Scientist and the Industrialist Went Into A Bar…

Coffee Zombies


I am green. So much so, I even recycle my old drawings when lacking inspiration for something new. I drew this in 2009 at the height of the vampire craze of True Blood, Twilight and a plethora of hangers on copy-cat fang banging shows and before the beginning of the Walking Dead and the new infatuation with all things zombies. I guess that means I am forward thinker; ahead of my time, on the cutting edge, etc.  A member of the advanced guard, if you will.

This is our family most mornings. We just kind of grunt and point until the coffee starts to flow and then we just grunt.

Coffee Zombies…

Coffee Zombies

Coffee Zombies

Is just me or are zombies popular now? My wife says Linc and I are coffee zombies. I won’t disagree.

Note: Hat tip to my son, Linc, for this one. I had originally sketched out just zombies. He added the “Coffee” part.

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