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And Doggone It, People Like Me…

Smart Man
The note above is based on John Oliver’s encouraging note to himself. Unfortunately, I cannot share the video here so go to YouTube and watch the John Oliver’s story  during the April 12, 2015 broadcast of Last Week Tonight about the upcoming general elections in the UK and Labour Party candidate Ed Miliband’s crib notes found after a debate with Prime Minister David Cameron. It is a piece of brilliance. I just may frame it and put it on my desk. Don’t let them see your sadness!



To Pee or Not To Pee…

Seat Pee
I work on a floor in my building with roughly 100 to 125 people of which a good seventy-five percent are men. There seems to be a large proportion of that male population that has an aversion to urinals and instead prefers to do their business in the stalls. More specifically, on the toilet seats that reside in the stalls. I’m not sure if it’s passive aggression or just a bunch of clueless male engineers. Either way, I am now visiting other floors to surf on my phone. Their Delta Tau Chi name is ‘asshat’.



Don’t Step in the Process…





Peter Cook in a post on LinkedIn said, “Leadership is not about stopping things happening and pointless administration.” Same can be said about a process. Good ones keep things moving while making sure the right people are involved and informed. Bad ones, things stop and the pointless paperwork drill begins. Try not to step in the process. It’s a bitch to clean off of your shoes.

I’d Like That In Triplicate…


 I was on a conference call the other day and heard a conversation about the preliminary approval of something and the not quite preliminary approval due to concerns and the push for a final approval. I’m sorry, what? Either it’s approved or it ain’t. I was a little dizzy after that conversation.

Death By…

Death By

I try to keep my PowerPoint slides simple. A few words. Maybe a nice graphic to help get the point across. Sometimes, though, there are those slides that feel like they could bring an indictment for murder. Or at least reckless endangerment.

A recent presentations started out very homicidal. It was ugly. The group pulled together to make improvements by the deadline but it still never was that great. It wasn’t death by PowerPoint but close. It was really uncomfortable-and-miserable-feeling by PowerPoint.

The Blogging Dead…


Zombie is the new black. There are “Zombie Houses“, “Zombie Stocks“,  even “Zombie Computers” now. Zombies are everywhere and very in fashion. I have even heard blogs/webpages that still exist but long since inactive described as “Zombie blogs.” This isn’t one of those. I’m just busy with that thing that allows me to pay my bills, eat. That thing.

It’s not dead, Jim. Just off doing “responsible” things. More to come.

An Asshat On My Shoulder…

Inner Voice


The is from late 2011 but is still an issue I deal with daily. My inner voice is such a debby-downer and is really causing a hit to my confidence. At this point, my self-worth is telling me I should be digging holes somewhere, and that skill is only marginal.

How do you deal with the asshat on your shoulder?

And, We’re Back…


Hello. I’m back. Life and work have kept me away. Last year, I tried to keep to a one-cartoon-a-week schedule and just couldn’t keep up.  This year, I intend on getting back to drawing but without the pressure to produce on a regular schedule. Besides, I know you missed me and my razor wit terrible. So, here is to a year of more coffee, more Mondays and Bob.

There will be no more, no more…

Outta My Way

The Strenuous Life…

Ted Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt said the above phrase during a speech to the Hamilton Club of Chicago on April 10, 1899 (the entire speech can be found here). The next line is, “In this life we get nothing save by effort.” I love it. It is also refreshing. The speech is called “The Strenuous Life” and applauds hard work and earning success and riches through that hard work. It hit me as particularly poignant as our culture celebrates being rich but does not celebrate the hard work that usually goes into achieving those riches. It is a culture of entitlement where people want to be rewarded for doing nothing other than looking good while acting outrageous (Kardashians and Jersey Shore anyone?) and actual hard work and those who earn their rewards are demonized and called unfair and unpatriotic.

Speaking of strenuous and hard, drawing a Gourdo-ized version of Theodore Roosevelt was driving me nuts until The Mrs. told me to draw him more like a walrus. Good advice. Thanks, honey!

(I first read this quote in an atricle by Charles Wheelan in the April 28-29, 2012 Wall Street Journal called “10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You.” I highly recommend giving it a read.)

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