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60’s! Cigarettes…

MM Falling


In honor the premiere of the second to last season of the best show ever.

You Dunderhead…

Carsons Big Toe

The cardio equipment at my gym was recently upgraded to the models with the small televisions built in. Once you start up the belt on the treadmill or start moving on the elliptical, it automatically turns on. Nice. I normally workout with listening to something on my earbuds and so just end up watching whatever without listening to it. My trips to the gym, lately, have coincided with our local airing of “Jeopardy.” One day it got me to thinking about the cliche jokes about how hard the questions are and Alex Trebek’s smugness when a contestant doesn’t know the answer to some obscure question like, “This phalangic extension was damaged when it struck a poolside lounging device in Van Nuys, California during a party in the summer of 1968.” Of course the answer is, “What is Johnny Carson’s big toe?” Dunderhead.

The Financial Acumen Is Strong With This One…

Analyst Vader

I walked into the room as some talking head on CNBC was saying something about economic disturbances. Vader’s line immediately popped into my head. Didn’t take me too long to make the leap the rest of the way. As I have said many times before, it made me laugh.

The Strenuous Life…

Ted Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt said the above phrase during a speech to the Hamilton Club of Chicago on April 10, 1899 (the entire speech can be found here). The next line is, “In this life we get nothing save by effort.” I love it. It is also refreshing. The speech is called “The Strenuous Life” and applauds hard work and earning success and riches through that hard work. It hit me as particularly poignant as our culture celebrates being rich but does not celebrate the hard work that usually goes into achieving those riches. It is a culture of entitlement where people want to be rewarded for doing nothing other than looking good while acting outrageous (Kardashians and Jersey Shore anyone?) and actual hard work and those who earn their rewards are demonized and called unfair and unpatriotic.

Speaking of strenuous and hard, drawing a Gourdo-ized version of Theodore Roosevelt was driving me nuts until The Mrs. told me to draw him more like a walrus. Good advice. Thanks, honey!

(I first read this quote in an atricle by Charles Wheelan in the April 28-29, 2012 Wall Street Journal called “10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You.” I highly recommend giving it a read.)

Two Weeks To Wapner…

The Season 5 premiere of the best show ever is only two weeks away. After a deprivation lasting over a year-and-a-half, the final two-weeks is worse than being five-years-old and waiting for Christmas. Seriously.

Those of you familiar with the show know that the opening credits finish with the image of figure (Don?) falling from a building.

This is Gourdo is doing a reenactment of that scene.

MM Falling

I like it.

So Close…

Draper Cool

I’m a geek of many things and I am a big geek for Mad Men. I just love the show. I drew this one a couple years ago of Gourdo as Don sitting in his Sterling Cooper office. Ah, if only I were as cool.


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