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Monday and Tuesday Sittin’ In A Tree…

Monday Crush

Awww. Monday has a crush. I’m not surprised it’s Tuesday. Tuesday is the day-next-door type and is good at calming a cranky Monday. Wednesday is nice but is way out of Monday’s league, being Hump Day and all. Friday and Saturday are more Wednesday’s type. They’re fun. Thursday has been in a long-term relationship with Sunday.


Update: My apologies, I forgot to give a head-nod to @notorias who tweeted this line last week about Monday’s dapperness. Don’t want you to think this is all about me.

The Weekends…

The Weekends

The Weekends


My friend, A, posted as her status on Facebook one day the statement she loved Friday and his brothers Saturday and Saturday nigh. I tweeked it a little but loved the sentiment. They are a cool family.

Happy Weekend!

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