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Think Not, Do…

No Brainer

This is something whose time has come. It really is a n0-brainer.



Monday and Tuesday Sittin’ In A Tree…

Monday Crush

Awww. Monday has a crush. I’m not surprised it’s Tuesday. Tuesday is the day-next-door type and is good at calming a cranky Monday. Wednesday is nice but is way out of Monday’s league, being Hump Day and all. Friday and Saturday are more Wednesday’s type. They’re fun. Thursday has been in a long-term relationship with Sunday.


Update: My apologies, I forgot to give a head-nod to @notorias who tweeted¬†this line¬†last week about Monday’s dapperness. Don’t want you to think this is all about me.

Love Is…

Love Is

I first drew this about three years ago for a Valentine’s Day doodle contest. It didn’t win (surprise, surprise) but I still kind of like it. Saturday and Sunday mornings in our house consists of egg sandwiches, coffee and the newpapers in front of the fire. Nothing but love. The epitome of that love is the coffee warm-up. When one of us gets up to warm up our mug, we make sure to warm up the other’s.

Love is a warm-up. Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s Just Different…

Not Torn

Coffee really does not have a reason to be jealous. It’s not that beer is better, it’s just…different. They are both loved the same. Just at different times.

Happy Valentines Day…

Love is a Warm Up

Love Is...

I drew this last year for Valentine’s Day. I still like it and think it still works for this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Sharing the Love…

Doodlage is holding a (what else) doodling contest. It is sort-of in honor of Valentine’s Day, or actually, anit-Valentine’s Day. To show our love in alternative unorthodox ways. I thought it was a cool and funny idea and had to take part. Here is my submission:

Love is a Warm Up

Love is a Warm-Up

As is probably apparent, I am addicted *ahem* fond of coffee. Part of our weekend routine is sitting by the fire, reading the paper and drinking our coffee. Refills and warm-ups are a part of that routine and is just…nice. I like it when Jenny comes over and warms-up my mug. It is a way she shows me she loves me.

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