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I Never Trusted Monday…

Weekend Killer3

This is a rerun but felt appropriate. May your Monday coffee pot never be empty.

Obi Wan Never Told You…

Bob The Father

Boy, Vader really got around. Must be the Sith uniform.


Chief Economist of the Sith…

Analyst Vader

This is a recycle but still makes me giggle. I can see Vader sitting in his chamber on the Death Star, reading the Coruscant Street Journal and trying to determine the next moves in adjusting the Empire’s fiscal policy. Death Star’s and war to put down a rebellion are not cheap.

An Asshat On My Shoulder…

Inner Voice


The is from late 2011 but is still an issue I deal with daily. My inner voice is such a debby-downer and is really causing a hit to my confidence. At this point, my self-worth is telling me I should be digging holes somewhere, and that skill is only marginal.

How do you deal with the asshat on your shoulder?

Think Not, Do…

No Brainer

This is something whose time has come. It really is a n0-brainer.



The Thing We Have To Fear…


‘They’ say you should face your fears. I think that is just a cruel joke ‘They’ are playing on us. ‘They’ watch from behind trees or around corners, giggling, as we try to look our fears in the eye and dissolve into a quivering pile of mush. Jerks.

As you can probably guess, I have an issue with phones. I turn into Peter Klaven – attempting to sound suave, cool and relaxed but actually being the exact opposite. Voice mail or live, it does not matter.

Really, isn’t it better to avoid all that humiliation (and pit stains) just for a smidgen of personal growth?

And, We’re Back…


Hello. I’m back. Life and work have kept me away. Last year, I tried to keep to a one-cartoon-a-week schedule and just couldn’t keep up.  This year, I intend on getting back to drawing but without the pressure to produce on a regular schedule. Besides, I know you missed me and my razor wit terrible. So, here is to a year of more coffee, more Mondays and Bob.

A Hard Place…

Political Asshats

I drew this back in 2009 right after the last time we endured the national headache that is our Presidential election season. Figured it was a good time to brush off the dust and freshen it up a bit.

Partisan politics gives me a headache. The vitriol. The finger pointing. The ridiculousness that is the extreme fringes of each party (both the Occupiers and the Tea Partiers are a big bunch of asshats).

Colin Cowherd from ESPN Radio said one day recently, “People do not want to be informed. They want to be affirmed.” He is a wise man. No one cares to listen, to compromise, to actually try to solve some problems.

There is little room for us independent centrists and it’s giving me a headache.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Monday Stinks

I have noticed a certain odor whenever Monday comes around.



Hat tip to @craftcoffee for this status on a Monday that was this post’s inspiration.

A Watched Pot…

Stage Fright

Gets stage fright?

As intense as your coffee need may be, please give your coffee pot a little privacy this Monday morning and let it do its business. It’s the polite thing to do.

Happy Monday.

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