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More Therapy…

Couples Counseling

Can someone have two loves? When it is coffee and beer, I say ‘Yes.’ Throw in running, and some of us can even have three. The monkey wrench in the whole thing is when one of them gets a bout of low self esteem and becomes jealous. I believe we all can live together in harmony. Coffee is just having some self-doubts at the moment. Maybe it’s time for a nice trip to that coffee shop downtown. The locally-owned one that is hip with the cool music and paintings. Just me and coffee on a special date. Maybe this time, too, we’ll stay there instead of getting it to go like we always do. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Booty Call…

Morning Booty Call

Of course coffee is not happy. You stay out all night. You don’t call. When you finally roll out of bed, you reek of cheap beer and are looking for attention.

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