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Sasquatch is in Ohio…

Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine, had the cartoon world’s equivalent of a Yeti encounter. What’s the highest level of cool?

That Name Looks Familiar…

Loyola University-Baltimore Record Board

Loyola University-Baltimore Record Board

Linc competed in a swim meet this past weekend at Loyola University in Baltimore. Take a look at the pool’s record board (you might have to look closely, sorry. Our camera is a simple point and shoot)

It doesn’t show up here but the records on the women’s side were pretty well dominated by Katie Hoff.

This is pretty common at the pools and meets in the Greater Baltimore area, Phelps and Hoff holding many of the records. It is a cool legacy and great motivator for the local swimmers. Who wouldn’t want to imagine themselves as the one who breaks a local record held by Michael Phelps or Katie Hoff ?

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