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A Missed Opportunity…

I saw a church sign today that read, “Good turns problems into opportunities for personal growth.” It made me think of this cartoon I drew back in August, 2011:


Personal Growth

And this:

Personal Growth Gone

Best to get rid of those before they fester.



Some (me) would say the ‘Bob’ cartoons are lazy; while others (me, again) find them silly and amusing. Fair and balanced. I draw, you decide.

He Knows…

Bob Knows

Just another in my on-going “Bob” series. These tend be my fallback for when I don’t have anything original to share. They still make me laugh, though. I found a website solely for sayings that can go on church marquees. I’m good for a few months worth of material, now.

Happy Halloween! Be safe and may you get tons of candy.

Do No Evil…

Did You Yahoo

I don’t know. I think Google knows everything.


Hat tip to the boy for hipping me to this sign. He saw it on the way to a swim meet.



Another in my “Bob” series. They make me laugh.

Update: Hat-tip to the boy for Gourdo’s comment. We saw the church sign, below, on our way to a swim meet. Smart kid.

But What Is The Question?

Another in the ‘Bob’ series. These crack me up a little. I am a juvenile.

Bob is the Answer

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