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You Speak Sooth…

This is another rerun, first posted in April 2009. A couple years ago, I was listening to The Irish and Celtic Music podcast and one song was by Sligo Rags called, “The Whiskey Never Lies.” Extremely awesome song. There is a kernel of truth to the song but I can think of a few times that whiskey lied to me. Beer hasn’t necessary lied but has told me a few fibs. Wine has been pretty noncommittal. So what is always truthful? What can I trust? Coffee. Coffee never lies…

The Coffee Never Lies…

coffee never lies

The Coffee Never Lies

Linc had a swim meet this past weekend. Between events, I decided to do some drawing and listen to Part #2 of The Celtic and Irish Music Podcast’s St. Patrick’s Day special compilation. One song on the podcast was entitled, “The Whiskey Never Lies” by Sligo Rags. Great song and great title. I jotted the title down for future reference but about five minutes later I had this cartoon drawn. You can also say the “beer never lies” or chocolate or whatever.

What never lies to you?

Email at heath.steven@gmail.com and tell me what never lies to you and I will draw it and send it to you, either electronically or print. Your choice.

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