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I Raise You A Predictament…


I Raise You a Predictament...

Two guys on my team were working a problem the other day and one of them said, “I see your dilemna.” Of course, the way my mind works, the thought, “and I raise you…” Just seemed natural to me.

I actually came up with a different word but my editor (the Mrs.) suggested a funnier one. I think it works.

Stoopid Man…

Stoopid Man

Stoopid Man

This is Stoopid Man. He is the defender against all that is stupid like meetings, and bosses and mission statements and co-workers. He is currently posted on the wall next to the white board in our little cubeville. Lots of stoopidity happening there!

Feel free to print out Stoopid Man and post him in your cube to protect you against all that is stoopid.


Bob Is Watching Me

Bob Is Watching

I was in a meeting a few weeks back when someone said, “And Bob will watch the budget…” which, in my mind, led immediately to, “Bob is watching you.” That led to me seeing that phrase on one of those church signs with the witty sayings on them.

The Bob guy is based on a guy my son likes to draw.


Coffee Gremlins

Coffee Gremlins

Jenny said on Facebook one day that Gremlins keep empyting her coffee cup. Stupid Coffee Gremlins!

Joe Has My Vote…

He has a platform…


Vote for Joe

Today’s Coffee…

This is a new feature, what coffee am I enjoying today? The intent is to share this with you everyday. But I’m not addicted…

We call it diner coffee. It’s our standard weekend coffee. It is a mixture of vanilla and Columbian beans. The result is coffee that tastes like the good coffee you get at a diner.


Photo by Feaverish

What a Night…

The things I saw and experienced during tonight’s run!

There was the young man with a lot of ‘tude at the intersection calling the car in front of him an A-hole because it did not go on green. And my satisfaction of telling him through his open window, “A cop is coming with his lights on!”

A young lady, also with a lot of ‘tude, leaning out the car window and yelling, “aaargh!” at me with a strange, warrior face. I am sure it was not meant to say, “Hey, look at that cool runner-guy,” but instead sarcastic. I like sarcasm, so I’m down with that.

A good-looking young lady in her hot sports car, picking her nose AND checking out the treasure she dug up (Awesome.)

Two guys, one older and one younger, (father and son?) in front of the Pour House Cafe. The younger stands as the older approaches and holds out his hand to shake hands. The older pushes it aside and instead gives him a big hug.

The guy with one leg I nod to every time I run pass. I notice tonight that he has a prosthetic leg. So, I talk to him for the first time. “New leg?” I ask. He says it is. “Congratulations. How is working out? Getting used to it?” He says it is ok but a little difficult to get used to. His big smile says how happy he is.

And finally, stretching in front of my house after my run and hearing a lady singing loudly, and out of key, with Steve Miller Band’s “Jet Airliner” as she drives by.

I had started to get a little bored with my runs. Too much of the same thing. Tonight took care of that.

Heady times in Westminster!

Looking for a fall marathon…

I’m looking for a marathon. My last was in Harrisburg, PA. Not too bad as far as marathons go. My time wasn’t bad, either, at ~3:45 but I ended the race pissed. There is a series of hills around mile 19 that totally killed me. I was on track for a 3:30 before I hit the hills.

I chilled through the winter, not training for anything, just running and working out to stay in shape. I had no motivation after Harrisburg and that really upset me. Probably over-trained from being in constant training mode for the last three or four years. I knew I should take this spring off but it just bothered me so much to do so. Jenny talked me through my dilemma, basically allowing me to give myself permission to take a break.

I am going to run the Frederick Marathon on May 4th as part of a relay team. I’m getting excited for that and now I am starting to get the itch. I need to find a nice race for the fall. I have done Baltimore, the Marine Corps three times so I would like to find something new.

Any ideas?

How to Be a Classy Leader

I am always looking for good articles on leadership and management. Steve Rubel today linked to this post by Bronwyn Fryer on the Harvard Business Review Editor’s Blog about her interview with David McCullough and his thoughts on leadership. The post is not very long but it is really good.

Wannabe Wino: Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Finalist!

The first day I read this blog, there were pictures by the author for the “Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Day.” She took her rubber chicken all over D.C. They were pretty funny and the one of the chicken addressing the IRS is a finalist. This post, Wannabe Wino: Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Finalist!, has the link for voting.

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