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My Happy Place…

My Happy Place

Wow. I uploaded this one to Flickr way back in October of 2008. Same printer issues. So, you will keep enjoying my old stuff. It’s good, actually. I’m in a bit of a lull with my drawing right now. The j-o-b and life are taking up my extra cycles to think of new ideas.

We’re Back In Best Of…

fast track


The laptop I use for scanning my pictures crapped to bed this weekend. I tried to use my newer laptop with scanner but the scanner is so old that they don’t make drivers for it past Windows XP. Yeah. That old. So, until I figure something out, I’m back in “Best Of…”

This is another favorite of mine. Kind of sums up the whole career frustrations.

It’s New To You…



No new ‘toon to share this week. I’m working on a couple, just need to take the time to sit and draw.

This is a favorite of mine. Not sure why. Just is.

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