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Fighting the Negative Gorilla…

I use a mug from Life Is Good, the Smiling Jake© folks. Today, while drinking my coffee, the question popped into my head, “Should I put the mug away until my situation changes for the better?” On the back it says, “Do what you like. Like what you do©.” Needless to say, I’m not doing what the mug is telling me to do. The thought was, put the mug away and once things change, pull it back out. But then it hit me. That would be a step backward. The 800-pound negative gorilla would win the day. So, instead of feeling that the mug is mocking me, I will keep using it, let it motivate me and keep hope that things will change for the better.

Take that stupid, negative gorilla. 

(picture courtesy of the “Life is Good” website. Check ’em out. Their stuff is awesome!)

All Good Things…

From a friend on Twitter

Gordy gdwscott @steveheath We have a saying in Scotland: Whit’s fur ye will no go past ye.

What a great way to look at life.


Bad Day at the Beach…

No flaws in this logic…


What’s In a Name?

This blog definitely has evolved over the last six months or so.  It started as an “opinion” blog with the name “The Other Shoe.”  That didn’t last very long.  A particularly bad day at work caused me to rename it “Escape From Career Hell” and chronicle my efforts to move from obscurity in a cubicle.  That lasted a little while, too, as I whined about my job and regaled in my discovery of all things Social Media.

Then, one day, I sat doodling during and my face from high school appeared.  As days go by, this blog has evolved again into more of a medium for my faces.  The majority of my  posts anymore are of new drawings of my silly, little faces.  Lately, I have wondered about the title of the blog.  Should I change it?  It really wasn’t living up to my initial intentions.  Or was it?

Then, Hugh MacLeod posted this  cartoon today that is so true for me.  I am having so much fun drawing my faces and letting them express how I feel at the moment or as commentary on things.  It is my little dig at “the man” drawing these faces from my cube.

As I ran this evening, the thought popped in my head that maybe, just maybe, drawing my cartoons is my escape.  Not in a literal sense but in more of a psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, whatever sense.  I may still be stuck in a cube, trudging away every day as a contractor but, as long as I keep drawing, I am free from the cube.  I am escaping from career hell.

Thank you, face-guy (I really need to find a name for him) and thanks to all of you who read this blog.

How do you escape?

Leadership Principal – Stay Positive

Change your attitude. Decide to be positive. It works. This is important not only as a leader but as a person. Negativity is toxic. It spreads like a cold from one person to another and eventually everyone in the office is infected. I only recently learned this but now I see it everywhere. The office I now sit is full of unhappy, negative people. Sometimes, I have to take a walk to get some air and just shake off all of the bad feelings. I mentioned to a friend I wanted to try to pull the negative string to see where in the organization it originates. This is a cultural problem within the organization.

I tell people how I forced myself to change my attitude when I changed companies last year. The change of environment gave me a clean slate, a new start. I decided to be positive. My situation is changing just from me deciding to be positive and proactive, no longer waiting to be “discovered” for my brilliance and expertise. I set out to show everyone that I should not be overlooked and can be of great value. The key, I found, was to maintain a positive attitude.

Positive people attract positive people to make good things happen.
Have you made the decision to be positive? If not, Why so negative?

Good People Day, 2008

I have been thinking all day about Gary Vee’s GPD 08 and who to talk about. I came to the nice conclusion that I know a lot of good people. Too many, really, to list. First to come to mind is Jenny, my wife. She is a really good person. Then there are several neighbors, co-workers, friends, family and many, many acquaintances. There are, to, the many new people I have found on the blogosphere. I don’t know any of personally, really, but from I have read, you are all good people. It was a nice exercise. Thanks, Gary.

Nice act witnessed: Two people helping the owner of a broken down car push it into a gas station. In the rain no less.

Gary hits another homerun…

Another great video by Gary Vaynerchuk yesterday. So, I need to find who the real me is me and go with it. I think I am getting there. Jenny, my wife, said recently she can tell I am getting more comfortable in my own skin. That may be true. Maybe I am finally maturing after 40 years.

Along the same lines, getting to know myself, expressing myself and all that stuff, I think I will keep sharing my little faces. They may not be that good and more than a little cheesy, but I enjoy drawing them. So there. This one is a response to Jenny when she told me a few weeks ago I was creative.

Chris Brogan…

I’ve seen his name on other blogs and twitter posts but never read his stuff. I stumbled upon (not the site Stumbleupon but actually found it through a link on another site, but I digress) his blog today. I liked this post about personal leadership. Just more validation that it is my job to make things better, not someone else’s. It’s not easy to escape career hell and harder, yet, to keep that positive attitude when things that once appeared promising have stalled. I will take the hint, though, a keep pushing and not get negative or discouraged.
So, what does that mean to you, Al Franken (old SNL reference)? Why am I sharing this? Maybe someone will stumble here who happens to be having a down day themselves will follow the link to Chris’ site and feel encouraged themselves. There had to be a reason I stumbled myself today…

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way…

Jimmy Gardner has started a forum for the D.C. tech community as “an exchange of complimentary services and what a better place for one of us to ask for a little help. At the worst a good gathering place for all our little bits or information.” Great idea!
In an earlier post, he and others voiced their frustration at the lack of attention for the D.C. tech community. Instead of stopping there and giving up, he and the community are pushing back with ideas on how to create their own buzz.
It is refreshing to see that instead of giving in to the negativity and nay-sayers the rest of the tech world, they are using it as inspiration to succeed inspite of them. Well done.

As a side note, I suspect, in my humble opinion, the impromtu CXCC will be remembered as the “First Annual” and grow into a major event in its own right.

Something to Chew On…

In today’s Fast‘s front page, Dennis Smith posted a great article called, “Why Everything You Do Today Matters Three Years From Now.” His story makes a good point about always being honest and treating people with respect. My favorite part is a quote from Walt Disney, “”Long after people forget what you did for them, they will remember how you made them feel.” A nice little nugget I am going to keep.

This made me wonder how I am going to be remembered by the people from my last job. I spoke of it before, I was not in a good place that year and was one of those people Hugh MacLeod talked about once (I can’t find the post but it is pretty good), those that hang around the water cooler and complain. How will they remember me in three years?

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