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Chalk One Up to "Old" Media…

This is a great story. In the Races and Places section of the March 2008 edition of Runner’s World was a story called Found in Boston. Jennifer Graham writes that as a specatator at the 2007 Boston Marathon she is handed a pair of running pants by a lady running the race. The lad started out in running pants but shed them once she and the air got warmer. She placed her name and address in the pocket along with $5 so she could give them to a by-stander with the request to ship them back to her. Long story short, the piece of paper falls out of the pocket and Ms. Graham has the dilemna of what to do with the pants.

I don’t think it would go over well with Jenny (“You did what with your good fleece?) so I wear an old sweatshirt that can be thrown to side and collected for donation. But I can see the thinking of the pantless runner. Find someone in the crowd who appears to be decent and a fellow “freak” to hand pants, fleece, etc and would oblige to send them in the mail .

This month’s edition of the magazine had a nice follow-up. The owner of the pants, a Ms. Laura Burger, read the article and realized Ms. Graham was speaking of her. She emailed Runner’s World and at the expo for this year’s Boston, Ms. Burger met Ms. Graham for a happy reunion with her pants. She is quoted in the magazine as saying, “Isn’t amazing how running connects people in so many ways?”

That is so true. I have met many great people through running. But what made me smile was the fact that the connection was made through “old” media of a magazine, not the “New” media of social networking.
I am new to the whole social media thing and I love it and learn something new everyday. But this time, old media let the world know it’s not dead yet.
(picture is from Scene 2,”Bring Out Your Dead” of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”)

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