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Chrissy, Bring Me the Big Mallet…

My printer/scanner is still “on the fritz.” I have bald patches from pulling my hair out. I changed out the ink cartridges but the POS still won’t work. My next move involves a mallet. So, please pardon my dust whilst I make needed repairs.

In the meantime, here is another “network time-waster.” I drew/uploaded this Oct 30, 2008 and is a personal fav.



I’ll keep working on my printer.

My friends and I "fixing" my printer/scanner

My friends are kind enough to help.
Picture courtesy Yahoo Movies and 20th Century Fox

Living Off-line…

I have been too busy in the off-line world to do anything on-line lately. I have temporarily lost my internet connection at work due to an office move and once I am home I am busy doing family things.

My office move scared me for a minute. We were moved from an old attic space to an office in the basement in another building. I had visions of “Office Space” where Milton was moved to Storage Unit ‘B’ and asked by Lumberg to take care of the cockroach problem. The digs are actually nicer than the old place, just some moving pains in getting fully on-line.

Linc had a swim meet this weekend, Maryland JR. States. He took 1st in the 12-year-old 50 Breast! Awesome! Now the parents are visiting for a week. A lot of stuff but in a nice way.

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