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An Unexamined Life, Redux, Redux…

unexamined life

Fist posted on April 23, 2009. Kind of my response to, “An unexamined life is not worth living” by Socrates.  What does he know?

Jenny still doesn’t share my point of view.

Happy 2010!

[Place Witty Cartoon Here]

(I owe you one cartoon) 

 Yeah, yeah, it’s a week into the new year but so what. It’s sooo cliche to write a new year post on New Year’s Day. I decided to be different this year (and busy and just a tad lazy) and post after all the others were finished.

Ahh. A new year. I’ve read quite a bit last week about 2009 finally being over and looking forward to 2010. I have to admit, I kind of agree with them. The new year seems to hold more promise than 2009 offered.

I don’t like resolutions. They’re just set you up to fail. Maybe it’s the word (and idea behind) ‘resolution.’ I prefer goals. To-ma-to to-mah-to, I know.

Some plans/goals for 2010:

1. Finish My MBA (in my last class and will rap things up in February)

2. Set a marathon PR (I signed up for The Flying Pig mara in Cincinnatti on May 2. Fingers are crossed!)

3. Draw more (I’ve slacked off lately. Life has been a bit busy.)

4. Take control of my career (Going to try but this part always seems to escape me)

And, most importantly, I intend on trying my best at home and not mess up too much. Stop laughing, it could happen.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2010 is great for you.

I Raise You A Predictament…


I Raise You a Predictament...

Two guys on my team were working a problem the other day and one of them said, “I see your dilemna.” Of course, the way my mind works, the thought, “and I raise you…” Just seemed natural to me.

I actually came up with a different word but my editor (the Mrs.) suggested a funnier one. I think it works.

The Weekends…

The Weekends

The Weekends


My friend, A, posted as her status on Facebook one day the statement she loved Friday and his brothers Saturday and Saturday nigh. I tweeked it a little but loved the sentiment. They are a cool family.

Happy Weekend!




I was in a meeting with one of these last week. She came rolling in and next thing I knew, we all had new tasking not related to the original scope of work. And she wants it all before the end of the meeting, if not sooner. Last August would be good.

In their book, I Hate People, Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon call them Bulldozers but the meaning is the same. In their description, this person is “prone to bashing the table” (yep, she did…a lot). They describe these people as akin to playground bullies that are now workplace bullies. Her underlings are afraid to stand up to her. They let them steam along with the wrong information or wrong impression and try to clean up whatever mess she has made. Her superiors like her because she gets things done, even if they are the wrong thing. She is one the types that does not trust anyone until they prove to be trustworthy and those who have the misfortune of getting on her bad side are forever smeared. Remember the “Circle of Trust” from the movie “Meet the Parents“? Once you’re out, there is no getting back in.

 I need to tread softly. Stand up too much to her and I can find myself off the contract in an eye blink. The trick is letting her know she’s wrong but make her feel like she came to the conclusion all on her own.

As a drill instructor used to say, “That’s good training.” (he said that about everything).

Wrong Ladder. Hell, Wrong Wall…

Kids Table

Wrong Ladder-Wrong Wall

When climbing the corporate ladder, make sure it’s against the right wall.

Bamboo Fun…

Bamboo Fun

Bamboo Fun

So I got my Bamboo Fun on Father’s Day and it is cool. I really dig the possibilities but it is going to take some getting used to. The pen is touchy and it is really easy to get too thick or too thin of a line and it is easy to get used to the “undo” button. No ripping out and wadding up paper.

On Monday, I posted the “Bad Phone” cartoon. I drew it the old way, with a Shapie on my drawing pad but I also decided to try and replicate it on the Bamboo.

Here is the traditional version

Bad Phone

Bad Phone on Paper with a Sharpie

And here is the Bamboo version

Bamboo Bad Phone

Bamboo Bad Phone

Close, but not quite to my liking. That is actually one of the better versions. There have been some fuglies. Looks like I need to experiment with sizing, too.

I think I am slowly getting the hang of it. I will never stop using the drawing and Sharpie. My plan is to draw in three steps – my practice pad, my final drawing pad and then recreate the final version on my Bamboo. Scanning and transfering between laptops is getting to be a real pain in the ass. My hope is to get to where the Bamboo is a tool to make it easier to post my drawings.

Time will tell.

Don’t Bring Me Down…



Coffee always has my back.

Gourdo’s line is a song reference. Some may get it, if you are from my generation or older. If you  do, I apologize for the ear worm.

It’s a Gift…

Coffee is Proof

The Coffee Proof

This is based on that famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Several years ago, while reading the Walter Isaacson book, “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” I discovered that he actually spoke of wine, not beer.

Ah, shattered dreams.

Whit’s Fur Ye…

Whits fur ye

Whit's Fur Ye

This is another redo from a drawing originally posted Sep 11, 2008. This came from a Twitter conversation with a friend where he laid this nugget on me:

Gordy gdwscott @steveheath We have a saying in Scotland: Whit’s fur ye will no go past ye. about 4 hours ago from twhirl in reply to steveheath

What a great way to look at life.

I still like it and that is why I redrew it with the full Gourdo…

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