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Coffey Music

The music store I have talked of is now blogging! Bob, the owner, took possession of the blog yesterday. The name of the music store is Coffey Music. Bob started sending out email updates called, “Relax…It’s Time for a Coffey Break,” (also the name of the blog) that were mini stories about happenings at the store. Blogging seemed to be a natural progression. I am very appreciative of Bob’s resceptiveness to all of this. I know he will do great things with it. I hope to help him move to other social networking venues like Facebook and Flikr or Photobucket.
So, enjoy a Coffey Break and if you ever find yourself in Westminster, stop in and say ‘Hi’ to Bob, Claudia and the guys.

The Music Store (Part 3)…

My foray into marketing/media consulting is going swimmingly. The Store owner likes the blog design and we meet on Saturday to finalize it and get it published! The ideal next step is to get him on some social networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Squidoo, or Flickr for cross-promotion. He is new to all of this so I don’t want to inundate him, so hopefully things will progress naturally.

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