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Your Pants Are On…

This based on real life and my real life neighbors, A. (she) and B. (he). A. was explaining to Jenny and I one day that if she needs to talk to him about something serious (kids, bills, etc) or is angry, B. will say this to her. This is in their honor.

Your Pants Are On

Your Pants Are On

It’s Ok…

I had a funny (to me) exchange with my wife this morning. She emailed me with a couple of ideas this morning, one kind of a daily thing and the other kind of spectactular. I wrote back, “Both sound ok to me. Love you.”

Here was her response,

“Oh c’mon! The first idea might sound “ok” but that second idea rocks don’t you think? Men, I swear! To women, just ok means go upstairs and try a different outfit. To men, ok means yeah that’ll work.

love you”

I thought it was a good response. Both were good ideas and were “ok” by me. We’ve had this discussion before. I’ve told her that if I thought she should change or disagreed with an idea, I would say so. If I like it, then it’s “ok by me.” What’s the problem?

Is this a “Mars/Venus” thing or is it me?

(update: Added the picture above once I got home, I don’t have a scanner at work)

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