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I’m With Cone Bone…

If you haven’t seen Conan O’Brien’s new show, do yourself a favor. It is really good. Last night’s show featured Christina Applegate. She was upset that Tom Hank’s nickname for Conan, CoCo, stuck and her’s, Cone Bone, did not. I think Cone Bone is much better. Don’t you?

Cone Bone

I Hear Voices…


Two co-workers were giving advice the other day on how to deal with a situation. I compromised, I was aggressive but in a calm, gentle manner.

Getting Closer…

A new scanner is on its way! This one is a little different – not a printer/scanner combo. It looks intriguing. Hopefully, it will work as advertised.

In the meantime…visit the Comfort Zone. Or, at least go outside of it.

comfort zone

I would rather hang out inside but often find myself outside looking in. Personal growth. Pffft!

An Unexamined Life, Redux, Redux…

unexamined life

Fist posted on April 23, 2009. Kind of my response to, “An unexamined life is not worth living” by Socrates.  What does he know?

Jenny still doesn’t share my point of view.

We’re Back In Best Of…

fast track


The laptop I use for scanning my pictures crapped to bed this weekend. I tried to use my newer laptop with scanner but the scanner is so old that they don’t make drivers for it past Windows XP. Yeah. That old. So, until I figure something out, I’m back in “Best Of…”

This is another favorite of mine. Kind of sums up the whole career frustrations.

It’s New To You…



No new ‘toon to share this week. I’m working on a couple, just need to take the time to sit and draw.

This is a favorite of mine. Not sure why. Just is.

Super Machiatto Boy…

Super Machiatto

Super Machiatto Boy. He’s happy.

Brokeback Coffee…

Brokeback Coffee

Wish I Could Quit You

That’s a lie. I don’t wish this.

It’s Not An Addiction…

Its a Vice

It's A Vice

The tawdriness is what makes it soooo good!

[Note – inspired by a recent FB status by the Mrs., as many have been lately]

Bad Cog…

Uppity Cog

Uppity Cog

It doesn’t show up too well in the scan, but our fearless hero is presenting a new idea to the Asshat.

The Asshat is right. Nobody likes an uppity cog trying to change things. Even when the cog is hired specifically for that purpose.

Stupid Cog.

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