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French Toast Coffee…

Hahn's Frest Toast Coffee

Hahn's Frest Toast Coffee

The other day Jenny and I were out running errands. One of our stops was for coffee at our favorite roaster (and pork product smoker), Hahn’s Pork and Beans for some of our favorite Pumpkin Pie Coffee. The counter at the checkout has all of their roasted coffees in glass jars on display. One of the jars contained this french toast roast and it smelled so good that I had to take a pound home. It does not disappoint.

The coffee is pretty mild, as are most flavored coffees. The flavor, though, is unlike anyother I have tasted. The first sip gives you the taste of bread dipped in egg, milk and cinnamon. I was amazed at the flavor, it actually tasted of bread dipped in batter. That is followed by maple syrup and butter, both very rich and distinctive. Again, it was like taking a bite of french toast.

I wouldn’t want this everyday. It is too rich to have that often however, as a treat now and then, it is awesome.

Today’s Coffee…

Today we strayed from our normal Starbuck’s and went with a coffee called Cinnamon Sticky Bun from a local establishment, Hahn’s Pork and Beans. Hahn’s is a great place that has been around for a long time in Westminster.


Update: The coffee is, as expected, on the sweet-side and is very mild. It is good as a nice treat coffee but not good if you are looking for that strong jolt in the morning. The flavor and aroma are close to that of a hot cinnamon roll. Two thumbs for me.

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