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This is another request from Jenny. She wanted one that in someway talked about a family joke or the boys.



Here is the back-story.

When Linc was little, around four-years-old, he had this knack for talking to anybody. We would be somewhere and he could talk to any adult in the room, basically telling them his life story. One time, he talked to this sweet older lady almost the whole way on a flight from Orlando to Baltimore.

After awhile of this, Jake would start to roll his eyes and say, “Mom” in that slow, dragged-out way big brothers can say things, make the “blah, blah,blah” motion with his hand. It became a family joke and is one our cherished memories of Jake and when the boys were little.

Happy Birthday, Linc…

Lincoln is thirteen today. The boy is now officially a teenager.  Wow.







Happy birthday, buddy. Momand I are very proud of you. We couldn’t ask for a better kid.

Love, Dad.

It’s Ok…

I had a funny (to me) exchange with my wife this morning. She emailed me with a couple of ideas this morning, one kind of a daily thing and the other kind of spectactular. I wrote back, “Both sound ok to me. Love you.”

Here was her response,

“Oh c’mon! The first idea might sound “ok” but that second idea rocks don’t you think? Men, I swear! To women, just ok means go upstairs and try a different outfit. To men, ok means yeah that’ll work.

love you”

I thought it was a good response. Both were good ideas and were “ok” by me. We’ve had this discussion before. I’ve told her that if I thought she should change or disagreed with an idea, I would say so. If I like it, then it’s “ok by me.” What’s the problem?

Is this a “Mars/Venus” thing or is it me?

(update: Added the picture above once I got home, I don’t have a scanner at work)

The Difference of a Day…

It is amazing how much can change over the course of Twenty-four hours. Yesterday at this time, my family was in a hotel in downtown D.C., trying to find sleep but for some, specially me, not succeeding. We were in D.C. because my wife was scheduled today for surgery at the Washington Hospital Center. She has hydrocephalus, a cyst of fluid in the brain that is not draining properly.

In 2005 she was implanted with a shunt that helped for a short time but over the course of the last three years, her symptoms slowly returned and worsened. Her doctor, Dr. Levine of the Washington Brain and Spine Institute, decided it was time to remove the shunt and open up the cyst, a procedure called marsupialization.

This procedure is not without risk. Twenty-four hours ago, I tossed and turned in bed contemplating a future as a single father. Imagining every horrible scenario of what could go wrong.

Twenty-four hours later, things are different. The surgery went better than expected, my wife is resting, under observation in ICU, but resting and well.

And I am tired. I told Linc we all look like zombies.

The difference of a day. The difference of a day means…I can sleep.

(Update: I must have been too sleepy last night. I forgot to give credit for the above photo. My apologies to Mainman, who took and posted this fine photo on Flickr.)

Living Off-line…

I have been too busy in the off-line world to do anything on-line lately. I have temporarily lost my internet connection at work due to an office move and once I am home I am busy doing family things.

My office move scared me for a minute. We were moved from an old attic space to an office in the basement in another building. I had visions of “Office Space” where Milton was moved to Storage Unit ‘B’ and asked by Lumberg to take care of the cockroach problem. The digs are actually nicer than the old place, just some moving pains in getting fully on-line.

Linc had a swim meet this weekend, Maryland JR. States. He took 1st in the 12-year-old 50 Breast! Awesome! Now the parents are visiting for a week. A lot of stuff but in a nice way.

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