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Nothing Like Customer Service…

I am a regular customer of a running shoe store, Fleet Feet Sports , in Reisterstown, MD. On your first visit, they fit you to the right shoe for your running style. They really know their stuff. You can opt to be placed in their database, which I did. They now have the shoe I like, Asics GT-2130, my size and mailing address. Now, I don’t even need to go to the store to get a new pair of shoes. It all can be done over the phone. For my latest pair, my wife called the store, gave them my name, they found my info, and dropped the shoes in the mail. I had them the next day. It’s a little better than just doing it all on-line because you have that human interaction. I have told many in my running group about this. I’m sure others do, too. A little effort on the store’s part to take care of their customers pays off with positive word-of-mouth. It is always nice to discover this level of customer service.

A Smart Move…

My wife pointed out a commercial for a plumbing company local to the Baltimore area. They have a very smart advertising campaign. The ad emphasizes the fact that they do the work, not subcontractors, on every project.

One of the national home improvement chains has been involved in a scandal over the last year. They subcontract home improvement projects and some their subs have not done the best quality of work. When the customers complain, the chain’s local store would not accept responsibility for the work. A Baltimore news station’s I-Team was all over the store, making the chain look very bad in the process.

I do not necessarily agree with the adage, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” I would think the bad publicity the chain received from this story kept people away or at least made them think twice before letting them do work in their house. My wife and I would. Everything is marketing, even bad customer service.

The plumbing company is very smart for jumping on this and emphasizing the face they, not subcontractors, do the work.

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