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Sasquatch is in Ohio…

Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine, had the cartoon world’s equivalent of a Yeti encounter. What’s the highest level of cool?

Still Draper Cool…

Draper Cool

Draper Cool

I’ve been in a kick lately of redoing some of my earlier drawings. It is both out of lack of ideas and wanting to update some of my favorites with Gourdo at the center.

My latest is to redo one from last September, I’m Draper Cool. I’m a big geek for Mad Men and Don Draper. This time, I decided to do a take on the show’s opening sequence (below). I can’t wait for season three.



Character Flaws…

I don’t watch much TV, more due to lack of time than lack of interest though there is some ambivalence there. There are two shows, though, that have me hooked, Mad Men and Californication. I’m beginning to think I am drawn to characters with flaws.

Jon Hamm

Don Draper (pic from

Don Draper is uber-cool but drinks too much, cheats on his wife and then there is that whole took-the-identity-of-his-dead-commanding-officer thing. But I still think he’s just cool (the metro/girl in me likes his clothes, too).


Hank Moody (pic from

Then there is Hank Moody from Californication who is even more F-ed up than Don Draper. He, too, drinks too much and cheats on his baby-momma but I find him to be cool, too, in a self-hating writer sort of way.

I have assured my wife many times that it’s not because I want to start running around and sleeping with other women. Maybe it’s because they’re both creative and I envy that quality in them.

I don’t know. Weird. Just thought I would share.

I’d Like to Think Too Cool…

As you can probably gues, I do not have an iPhone.



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