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Cold Turkey…

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Get it? Cold turkey. Made me laugh but that’s not saying much.

A Monday Rerun…

Too Much Coffee

Too Much Coffee

With family visiting and swimming, etc, etc I’ve been too busy to come up with a new Monday Coffee cartoon. So, in the mean time please enjoy this rerun. If you haven’t seen before, then it’s new to you!

Coffee Zombies…

Coffee Zombies

Coffee Zombies

Is just me or are zombies popular now? My wife says Linc and I are coffee zombies. I won’t disagree.

Note: Hat tip to my son, Linc, for this one. I had originally sketched out just zombies. He added the “Coffee” part.

Miracle Cure…

coffe is the cure

Miracle Cure

Ok, maybe not a cure but it sure does alleviate some of the symptoms.

Don’t Bring Me Down…



Coffee always has my back.

Gourdo’s line is a song reference. Some may get it, if you are from my generation or older. If you  do, I apologize for the ear worm.

Coffee Zen…

Coffee Zen

Coffee Zen

I love Twitter because of all the great material it provides. This was inspired by David Morris, the CEO of Dillanos Coffe Roasters. He posted the above saying to his Twitter page last week and, of course, I stole it (with his permission). His website is and he is @coffeemaverick on Twitter. Thanks, David!

It’s a Gift…

Coffee is Proof

The Coffee Proof

This is based on that famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Several years ago, while reading the Walter Isaacson book, “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” I discovered that he actually spoke of wine, not beer.

Ah, shattered dreams.

My Cousin, Latte…

Cousin Latte


I love lattes. So nice and friendly.

It’s OK It’s Monday…

ok it's monday

Coffee Says It's OK

I said this as my status on Twitter one Monday. I’m still trying to listen.

Happy Monday, everyone.

The Coffee Never Lies…

coffee never lies

The Coffee Never Lies

Linc had a swim meet this past weekend. Between events, I decided to do some drawing and listen to Part #2 of The Celtic and Irish Music Podcast’s St. Patrick’s Day special compilation. One song on the podcast was entitled, “The Whiskey Never Lies” by Sligo Rags. Great song and great title. I jotted the title down for future reference but about five minutes later I had this cartoon drawn. You can also say the “beer never lies” or chocolate or whatever.

What never lies to you?

Email at and tell me what never lies to you and I will draw it and send it to you, either electronically or print. Your choice.

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