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Booty Call…

Morning Booty Call

Of course coffee is not happy. You stay out all night. You don’t call. When you finally roll out of bed, you reek of cheap beer and are looking for attention.

Coffee and Monday…

Coffee and Monday

I must give credit to my neighbor’s daughter for this one. She made a similar¬†comparison¬†about the compatibility of chocolate chips and muffins recently. This past Monday morning , as I sat at my desk, watching the coffee IV drip into my arm, I remember thinking, “Mondays and coffee are made for each other.” It wasn’t a very long walk after that to come up with this cartoon.

Some things are just made for each other.

We’ll Always Have Coffee…

Coffee Zen

Originally uploaded by steve heath

The creative juices are a little dry right now – must the be the time of year. Very little rain. However, the coffee is still flowing so I thought it’d be nice to share a coffee-related favorite.

Hopefully, inspiration will make it’s way back with some new ideas.

Happy Summer.

My Happy Place…

My Happy Place

Wow. I uploaded this one to Flickr way back in October of 2008. Same printer issues. So, you will keep enjoying my old stuff. It’s good, actually. I’m in a bit of a lull with my drawing right now. The j-o-b and life are taking up my extra cycles to think of new ideas.

Super Machiatto Boy…

Super Machiatto

Super Machiatto Boy. He’s happy.

Brokeback Coffee…

Brokeback Coffee

Wish I Could Quit You

That’s a lie. I don’t wish this.

It’s Not An Addiction…

Its a Vice

It's A Vice

The tawdriness is what makes it soooo good!

[Note – inspired by a recent FB status by the Mrs., as many have been lately]

Faster Than a Speeding Monday…

Super Coffee Guy

Super Coffee Guy

That’s right, Monday! Curses to you!

Happy Valentines Day…

Love is a Warm Up

Love Is...

I drew this last year for Valentine’s Day. I still like it and think it still works for this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


Coffee Gremlins

Coffee Gremlins

Jenny said on Facebook one day that Gremlins keep empyting her coffee cup. Stupid Coffee Gremlins!

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