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The Third Eye…


Every so often, the Wall Street Journal will run articles about venture capitalists and angel investors running around Silicon Valley dumping money on what they hope to be the next [insert latest internet/tech flavor of the month, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.,] with visions of billion dollar payouts dancing in their brains.

It makes one wonder what it is being lost in opportunity or overlooked in something that really might work and pay off but just isn’t as sexy as the new social media phenom.

Maybe it’s not always the best thing to predict and band wagon the latest sexy fad. Try looking at what is working now. How can you position around that?

It Leads to the Dark Side…

Armor of Ignorance

Last year’s Dilbert desk calendar had things on the back of the pages, to do lists, fun facts, puzzles, qoutes, etc. This little gem by  Laurence J. Peter showed up one day. He is the 20th century educator best known for creating The Peter Principal (“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence … Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence”).

Ignorance is some strong armor. There isn’t much that can penetrate it; not logic, not data. Ignorance of a situation makes people afraid and paralyzes them to inaction or indecision. As another wise philosopher once said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate…leads to suffering.”

The best we can do is to keep fighting the good fight and not let ourselves to get sucked into their dark, fearful world.


I’ve been a little outside my comfort zone lately. I’ve been given the opportunity to do business development for my company. This means going out and meeting people. Kind of putting myself out there to sell my company which also means a high possibility for rejection, etc.

Even though it is causing not a little stress, I am really enjoying it. I love being part of building the business instead of sitting in my cube at the customer’s whim. This is much more along what I want to do.

So, being outside one’s comfort zone can be good, sometimes. Who knew?

Asshat Much?

Mike Henry of Lead Change Group wrote a great article in response to another by George Cloutier.

Mr. Cloutier’s article,entitled, “Your Company is Not a Democracy,” was published in Entrepeneur magazine. This “Turnaround Ace” and NY Times best-seller is a big proponent of the “just view me as god” approach to business management. Nice. He provides other nuggets such as “be a dictator” and (my personal favorite) “Tell your employees ‘Don’t think – obey.”

The Asshat


I’m really at a loss for words. Really, George? Fear? Benevolent dicator? Is there such a thing? Really? We’re not indentured servants or furniture. I think the Soviets used a similar business model and we all know how that worked out.

Read Mr. Henry’s article first and then go to Cloutier’s.

8pm – The above was written quickly this morning after reading both articles. I’ve had the day to reflect and want to expand upon my more visceral outburst above.

Unfortunately, I have seen it all too often (and, to an extent, am living it now); small business owners who believe as Mr. Cloutier does. They see employees more as burdens, a suck on company resources (profits). If a business is suffering, Mr. Cloutier teaches to blame the employee first. After all, if they were working harder, the company would be rolling in profits and the owner would be rich. Fear is not an effective motivator. It only gets you the bare minimum, just enough not to be fired.

Instead, maybe they should look at their business plan (if there is one), their growth strategy (if there is one) or even the industry/market. Maybe it is just dead, or over saturated.

Mr. Cloutier makes a snide remark in his article regarding the suggestion box. Employees aren’t paid to think, just obey. After all, if they were as smart or as great of a person, they would be running their own business.

Employees are smart. Listen to them, they are the ones doing the work. They might have innovative ideas that could cut costs, increase productivity, increase customer service.

I just hate reading articles like Mr. Cloutier’s. It just perpetuates bad behavior on the part of employers. That’s not managing or leading. It’s bullying. Times have changed. Feudal lords and serfdom went out of style a few years ago (I think).

Owners cannot do it alone. They need our help.



Let Me Share...


Jenny says she can always tell when I’m angsty about work. She must have ESP or something.

Please feel free to print this out and share with your fellow cube farm dwellers.

Wrong Ladder. Hell, Wrong Wall…

Kids Table

Wrong Ladder-Wrong Wall

When climbing the corporate ladder, make sure it’s against the right wall.

Let’s Pretend…



I do like to pretend and play dress up. I’ve got the look of an executive down – nice briefcase, french cuff shirts, sharp ties, etc, etc. It’s fun. You should try it.

I Have Met The Enemy…

Ahh Productivity

Productivity Mine

…and he is us. And attends every meeting I seem to have to suffer through.

Note: Thank you to my editor (The Mrs.) for knowing my potential and pushing me to go further than I thought I could.

Chrissy, Bring Me the Big Mallet…

My printer/scanner is still “on the fritz.” I have bald patches from pulling my hair out. I changed out the ink cartridges but the POS still won’t work. My next move involves a mallet. So, please pardon my dust whilst I make needed repairs.

In the meantime, here is another “network time-waster.” I drew/uploaded this Oct 30, 2008 and is a personal fav.



I’ll keep working on my printer.

My friends and I "fixing" my printer/scanner

My friends are kind enough to help.
Picture courtesy Yahoo Movies and 20th Century Fox

Stupid Corporate Ladder…

Stupid Corporate Ladder

Stupid Corporate Ladder

That corporate ladder thing just isn’t working for me.

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