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Beer Is…

Sixpoint Brewery, out of Brooklyn, NY, is having a fun little contest on their Facebook page. It’s called “Beer is Culture” and they are inviting people to draw what that means to them and post it to their Sixpoint Art and Design Exhibition FB album. The winner will have their submission be Sixpoint’s FB profile picture for the next year. There is some really good stuff there. A lot of talented folks. Beer is culture? Brilliant! I just had to draw something.

No where near as good as the others but I had fun with it. Enjoy.

Gone Fishing…


A friend at work offered a book he thought I would like, Shift by Peter Arnell, a big-time marketing guy in NYC. The book is pretty good, it is more about his struggle to go from over 400 pounds down to circa 150 (awesome feat, imho) but throws in some good life and business tidbits, as well.

His grandfather worked the fish markets in New York and would tell him this quite often, sometimes literally in regards to fishing and others, life. It resonated with me as I become more involved in business development in my company. I am trying to find where the fish are biting and then gently nudge management in that direction.

For a brief moment, I considered sending this drawing to Mr. Arnell and sharing what I said above. Then I read some stories that paint him to be an asshat. My fantasy of him loving my work and showering me with praise and being my new best friend melted into cease and desist orders and screaming into phones. Extreme, I know. He comes across as very charming in his book, very likeable, but that is easy to do in a book (or in a blog with stupid drawings) but a real jerk-wad in real life. Granted, the stories were few (and there were a fair share of positive ones) but why open myself up to that. I have enough asshats yelling at me.

What do you think? Share or keep our little secret?

A Glimmer…

I spent two days this week helping my company on a proposal effort. I reviewed resumes of candidates from our teammates for specific skillsets. It was grunt work but I felt productive and left the day feeling like I contributed. It also gave me a chance to show the corporate staff that I am more than a pretty face. I did get a glimmer of hope. During lunch on the first day, the Director of Program Development mentioned that our company needs a lead for another contract and that I could fill that role. I would like that. Anything to boost my profile and do some real work.
I keep reading about how a person needs to brand themselves inorder to get the position they want. What is my brand? How do I want my company and customers to see me? My first marketing job. My assignment is to create a marketing plan to build the Mr. Happy brand.

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