Free Parking…

Asshat Parking


My son swims on a team who’s pool is at a local private school. Not all of the patrons of the school are members of the 1% but many are. The rest probably fall into the 2%. Needless to say, I rub elbows with some very entitled, spoiled, “let-them-eat-cake” types. A very big pet-peeve of mine is when people who obviously do not need to, park in handicap spots. This is a daily occurrence at this school. Many times, it is because the rest of the lot is full and the only options are the over-flow lot down the hill or handicap spots (“I can’t walk from down there. These are Prada and there is mud!”). One day, the lot was not even full and particular asshat, driving his nice new Jag, decided he did not want it mingling with the riff raff in regular parking. So, I took a picture.

I then sent that picture to this great website – They, in turn, file a report with local law enforcement. I encourage one and all to patronize this wonderful site and download their app to your iPhone or Droid.


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