The Detroit Lions are winning.

Like so many workplaces today, our band of diligent cubevillage citizens must wear a badge indicating to the world we belong there. Mine hangs on a Detroit Lions’ lanyard. As I write this, the Lions are 3-0. Um, duh! Winning!

I’ve worn my loyalty to my team proudly. Even during the infamous 0-16 season. Many a sarcastic remark were hurled my way. “You’re a brave man.” Some, though, were supportive. “Hang in there. The Lions are due.” And some were just plain mean. I won’t repeat their words here but you get the idea.

This year is different. It is now cool to be a Lions fan. Strangers are high-fiving me in the elevator. I am no longer given derisive or condescending comments. Now, I am given props. Tiger Blood!

What’s funnier are the other Lions fans. They’ve been slowly coming out hiding. No longer silently suffering. They thank me for fighting the good fight for all these years. For being the standard bearer. Taking the abuse for them.

Speaking of Tiger Blood. I am writing this while watching the Tigers and Yankees play in Game One of the ALDS. The last time the Tigers and Lions made the playoffs in the same calendar year was 1935 (shout out to Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press). While this would be the coolest event in the world, I do believe it would mean that two of the four horseman of the Apocalypse have been released on the world.


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