A Mouse in the…Cafe…

A couple new drawings from the world of work.

The first hangs in the opening to our lunch area. CACI is the company that owns the building, no idea what it means other than it is not the color of their pants. Someone suggested I draw a sign for the lunch room that had become known as the ‘CACI Cafe’. I know, catchy, and of course, I was happy to oblige. This is a black and white version. In the original, the table cloth is red and white check (classy).


In this second one, a co-worker figured out how to print the labels for the doors to our cubevilles. Lately, we’ve worked in ‘The Land of Milk and Honey’ and ‘Castle Anthrax’ and many places in between. This week, it is ‘The Magic Kingdom.” I figured, if we are now working in the Magic Kingdom, we needed a friendly mouse to greet us.


Copyright laws, and a basic lack of artistic ability, compelled me to make it not look to like that other mouse.

Ah, the jocularity.

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