It’s Big…

Pile Is Big

This is a follow-on to the Sharing cartoon from a while back. I have been too busy to be really angsty and haven’t come up with a new coffee-related or run-related one lately.

I will relate one story that kind of leads into this.

In creating a schedule for the project I am currently managing, I needed a section for getting out the word of the software being developed. I used the word ‘Marketing’ because, well, that’s what it is. No. I was warned, sternly, that marketing is so-and-so’s responsibility and will really get their panties in a bunch if I use that word.

I tried, ‘Socializing’ and that was rejected because our customer might not like that, either, since it is not specifically spelled out in the task.

I so don’t care. It’s a word. Call it ‘Talking Out My Ass.” I. Don’t. Care. Or, as the cartoon implies, I really don’t give a shit. It’s a word for a task, people.

Really, people. Get a life.

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