Take It and Run Thursday – “Running Is Like…”

Today’s TIRT topic over at The Runner’s Lounge is “Running Is Like…” 

“Running is like a marriage.”

I was having some motivation issues last year and just could not get into training for my spring marathon. At that time, I had pretty much been in year-round training mode running a marathon in the spring and one in the fall. I was burned out some.

 It really got me down that I just couldn’t get into running. I didn’t find it fun. That’s when my wife told me the line above. She said if I want to keep doing this the rest of my life (duh!) then I need to treat running like a marriage and not a fling. Do what it takes to make it work and if that meant taking the spring off from marathon training, then that is what I needed to do.

It worked. I relaxed and just ran for the fun of it. No training goals, no schedule. I just ran when I felt like and for fun. By the fall, I was excited and ready to get back into training.

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