Maslow and Me…

Several days ago, I posted this status message to my Facebook page:

Steve Heath Ahhh. Another day another 9.5 hours of my life I can’t get back.

My aunt, who meant well, really, responded with this:

Steve’s Aunt: In reference to your entry about another 9.5 hrs of your life you can’t get back…..Think instead, aaahhhh. Another 9.5 hrs that I lived in good health, with a loving wife and son, and lots of friends…..Life is good. See your glass half full!!!:)

I get what she is talking about and am thankful for everything she spoke of. She meant well. But look at the Maslow pyramid below.

Pic from Wikepedia

Pic from Wikipedia

I tried to write something all intelligent and insightful about Maslow and needs being met but it all sounded like I was trying to write something all intelligent and insightful. It sucked.

Bottom line. My current Yob is not meeting my needs and that is a valid feeling. My other needs are met. I acknowledge that and am thankful for that. My aunt’s comment (and other similar ones) seems to invalidate my needs from the Esteem layer.

So, when I say, “Another 9.5 hours of my life I can’t get back,”  I am just expressing my frustration at the end of a long, meaningless day and a long, mind-numbing commute. Nothing more.

Maslow and Me

Maslow and Me


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