There’s A Problem With Your TPS Report…


I am in charge of my office’s weekly TPS* report (I’ll pause for the giggles…). The people I sit with forward me their bulleted achievements for the week, I cut and paste and then send the whole thing (usually four or five pages worth) to the program manager.

Last month, our program manager hired a person to “clean up” the TPS reports. She wants the four or five pages worth of bullets condensed down to one or two summary bullets. Pick one good one, expand on it and send that forward. Problem is, the “good one” would be what one person did and ignore the rest of us.

I really disagree with this and been having a small debate with her over it. No bullets means not very busy or productive and very easy to cut. This person will also be one of the first to point out who, to her,  just doesn’t seem to do very much based on their TPS inputs.

*Not really called TPS report but you get the idea.

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