The Road Less Traveled …Again

Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Traveled

As much as I have tried, I really have never been able to cultivate an appreciation for poetry. My college Lit classes didn’t help things much, either.

The only exception is Robert Frost. I actually like his work. A couple years ago, I bought a book of selected poems and kep it on my night stand. Every so often, I open and read a poem or two. My favorite is probably his most well-known, The Road Not Taken. This cartoon is my homage to Mr. Frost.

This is a redo from an earlier drawing, posted on June 6, 2008, that only had a face. I wanted to try again but with Gourdo doing the talking and some added detail




I am running the Maryland Half Marathon on May 31, 2009 for the University of Maryland’s Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center. Check out my donation page either by clicking on the cool running guy in the left column or by clicking here. Thank you very much.     

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