Try Again, Sisyphus


An email from my friend, Mat, inspired this one.

I have got a kick out of the last couple of you drawings about the Corporate Step Stool and the broken ladder. It made me think of what kind of Corporate Ladder I must be on. I can’t decide if the ladder I am one is the one being kicked away from the building as I am halfway up by the guy wearing the golden parachute…I thought you could appreciate [the] visual.”

I did. My response to him was that the guy kicking my ladder away didn’t have a golden parachute, he’s  just an asshat.

Jenny said it’s like we’re Sisyphus, we keep going up only to be knocked down to start all over again. So true.

One response to “Sisyphus…

  • Mat

    Well done Steve, thanks…. One of these days the rock that Jenny envisions is going to roll back OVER me looking like the scene from “Funny Farm” with Chevy Chase.

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