One-Upper Asshats…

One-Upper Asshats


Bob Sutton wrote a great book, “The No-Asshole Rule” and writes a great blog called Work Matters.

Today his post entitled Oblivious Rich Assholes, featured someone else’s blog, She’s Lump.  Ms. Lump works for a law office in Dallas that is full of oblivious rich assholes. Her post today, There Apparently Isn’t A No Asshole Rule is priceless. In her words,

These attorneys want to know everyone’s business as well as flaunt their own for the whole elevator audience to hear (OK, not all of them are like this). Or maybe they’re just fucking loud.

Loudly trying to ONE UP the other.

One uppers are assholes.

They are also Asshats. The conversation my three Asshats above is based on actual conversations overheard by Ms. Lump. Solid gold golf clubs? Asshat.

Thank you Bob Sutton and Ms. Lump for the inspiration today. You both rock!

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