My Spring Race…

I finally registered for my spring race, the Maryland Half Marathon. I was going to run the Frederick Half but decided on this one for two reasons. First, this is the inaugural race and that’s cool. Second, all of the net proceeds will go to benefit the University of Maryland’s Marlene and Stewart Greenbaum Cancer Center, very cool and a cause very dear to my heart. I’ve run an official Half before. I think it will be fun and am looking forward to it.


Maryland Half Marathon

I signed up to raise funds but also realize how tight things are right now. So, if you can’t, cool, but if you feel you can, feel free to donate here and thank you very much for supporting research..

2 responses to “My Spring Race…

  • Jon Sevel

    Thanks for signing up for our race. This is going to be an awesome event and we are going to raise a lot of much needed money for the Greenebaum Cancer Center. The field is almost filled so i am glad you got in. Take a minute to introduce yourself to me on race day. i want to meet and thank as many runners as I can.
    Jon Sevel
    Co-Chair and Co-Founder
    Maryland Half Marathon

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