That’s Motivating…

We had a day of errand running yesterday. One was to stop at our favorite shoe store, If The Shoe Fits, to get Jenny a new pair of shoes. I gotta tell you, my motivation is back after wandering around that store.

I have been in a “Winter Slump.” This is pretty normal for me.  It is post-marathon in late Fall followed by much over indulgence during the Holidays and what seems like a never ending string of colds. By about this time of year, late February or early March, I want to start back running seriously but the motivation just isn’t there.

While Jenny was getting fitted to her new shoes, I just wandered about the store looking at all of the cool running stuff. I told Jenny as we were walking out that that was exciting. I’m ready to get back to it.

My Spring race was initially going to be the Frederick Half-Marathon but I am now thinking of doing the Maryland Half-Marathon, for two reasons. First, this is the inaugural year for the race, which is pretty cool. But this part from their website really got me,

“This race is unique as 100% of all net proceeds directly benefit The University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center (UMGCC).  It is going to be an exhilarating race and a memorable day as we raise a significant amount of money for the Cancer Center!”

I found that to be very cool. I like the idea of doing something for cancer research again. I might even sign up to do some fund raising while I am at it.

From now on, I will plan a trip to the running shoe store when my enthusiasm for running starts to wane.



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