Beautiful Asshat…

Beautiful Asshat

Beautiful Asshat

We have a new guilty pleasure. The show True Beauty on ABC. It was created by Ashton Kucher and Tyra Banks. The contestants think they are in some reality show to find the most beautiful person in the country. The kicker is hidden cameras film them to see if they have “inner” beauty or are they just shallow jerks.

The above cartoon is based on a scene where the bottom two are tested to see if they would hold a door open for someone with their hands full. Self-proclaimed “Most beautiful woman in the country” (yes, she actually said that) Hadiyyah-lah Sa’id failed. She waited a few seconds, made a disgusted noise, walked through the door and let it slam in the poor guy’s face.

You must read her bio. It is priceless. Two favorite quotes, “She admits to holding grudges with friends because she knows they envy her,” and “Hadiyyah-lah says she is single because men can’t handle her beauty and it intimidates them.” Asshat.

The show airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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