My New Shoes…

They are a couple days old, with about 10 miles on them already. I really needed a new pair before I run Philly on the 23rd of this month. I thought it would be cool to kind of document the life of a pair of running shoes. It is amazing how shiny and new they start out and how beat-up they are at the end.

They are a pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus, red and silver. Jenny says they look like Spiderman’s costume. If it makes me run faster than, cool by me!



5 responses to “My New Shoes…

  • cyberpenguin

    Gotta love the feeling of new running shoes, eh!? There’s that fresh, just-out-the-box feeling to them, & they are just reeling with possibility. I don’t know about you, but I find that the “newness” of new running sneakers sometimes give me that extra mental boost during runs. 😉

    Well, I think it’s actually a good thing to have recognizable running outfits; that way, you’ll stand out from the crowd & your family will have no trouble finding you when it comes time to take your picture, as you come blazing across the finish line!

    Hmmm, if you find the new “Spidey” shoes help, maybe you should consider wearing the rest of the outfit? LOL. 😉

  • Steve

    I usually run in my old shoes way past when I should have switched. When I finally get a new pair, the cushioning feels so good, almost like running on air.

    I have a bright green running shirt Jenny makes me wear on race days. She can pick me right out of the crowd. She’d really be able to see me if I wear a Spidey costume. Could be fun. 🙂

  • cyberpenguin

    I dare you to dress as Spidey. Do it, do it, do it! 😉

    The perfect venue: a Halloween marathon!

  • Steve

    Or even funnier if not around Halloween.

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