Today’s Coffee…

Today was our normal weekday coffee, Starbuck’s House Blend. We grind the beans ourselves in a burr grinder.

The bag is almost empty. Time to get more.

2 responses to “Today’s Coffee…

  • bitemymoko

    I’d inject Starbucks via IV if I could but I’m not a big fan of their blends. And House Blend is my least favorite of the bunch. I prefer the single-source coffee but I will make an exception for the Christmas blend, which contains Aged Indonesian, my all-time face Starbucks bean.

    Anyway, always good to find another fellow addict. We are destined, I believe, to take over the world. From the non-coffee-drinking meek, apparently.

  • Steve

    You make me laugh, but I totally agree. An IV solution would be ideal. We drink House Blend because it is a milder blend, which my wife likes. I would drink a stronger one but this is a good compromise.

    Christmas Blend is a favorite of ours, too. We have some from last year still in our freezer. We make it a point to get some each year.

    Glad to meet a fellow addict. Thanks for visiting.

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