Hey, There is This Cool New Show…

I know I am really late to this party (sue me) but I am officially hooked. After just three episodes, I am completely hooked on Mad Men. Three episodes in the middle of season two, to be exact, but I am definately hooked (and happy to find a suitable replacement for BSG).

I now have the incredible urge to smoke, drink scotch at noon and write ads for American Airlines, Playtex and Clearasil.

Jenny nailed it last night on our walk. I want to be Donald Draper. She’s right, I do. He is…cool. Except, I don’t want his flaws, just give me the cool, steely gaze, the “I-own-this-room” presence.


Don Draper Cool

I won’t go into the time-period being the main character, the brilliant writing, the excellent acting of the cast (Joel Murray is perfect as Freddy). It’s all been said and done before by many and better writers. I don’t need to add to that din.

But, it is cool.

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